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Four for 4

As a mom I think my favorite day of the year is when the kids have a birthday. Tomorrow Emma turns 4! (Wide eyed emoji entered here) As I sat on the couch with her tonight snuggling I ran through every memory I have of rocking her to sleep as a baby willing myself to remember every moment. That obviously didn't happen but the ones I do remember kept playing on repeat as I snuggled this tall gangly thing that doesn't really look like me but acts 100% like me, and just wondered where has time gone?

We celebrated her birthday this past Saturday with family and her 'best friend cousin in the whole world' Makiah (No, they are not even slightly related but they insist they are cousins)., I personally do not throw a huge parade for the kids each year. As much as I would love too (purely for my own satisfaction of party throwing) our budget and my kids egos cannot handle such extravagance. Instead we will throw each kid a big shindig on their 5th birthdays. Until then we enjoy a small family gathering with 1 friend and a fun activity with just mom and dad on the day of their birthday. (We took her horse back riding when she turned 2, a movie when she turned 3 and this year she requested breakfast with daddy and shopping with mommy) 

So, while it wasn't large it turned out to be the perfect day! After what seemed like the longest winter of all time the sun broke just in time for us to celebrate our girl.

We took Emma to Target (aka the best place on earth) to let her pick out her 'party decor'. She picked this set of llama inspired decor - I feel like now I need to take her to Mexico and eat tacos while wearing sombreros. Guac anyone? 

The morning of her party she 'had' to have her favorite star skirt gifted by her Uncle Jon and Aunt Cait for Christmas along with her pigtail braids which have become her 'signature look'... aka I do it so I don't have to brush her hair for the next day or so.  

I must say one of my favorite parts of the day was when she finally saw her cake. I had asked her maybe 6 times what she wanted on her birthday cake this year, each time she had the same response. I guess I thought she might change her mind but by the last time I asked her she gave the same answer as every other time. Only this time, she said it with the "mom, I've already told you this 1000x can you please just get what I asked!?" attitude... oy. 

So, Oregon Dairy did an amazing job recreating our family picture on my 4 year old's birthday cake. After Makiah (the best friend cousin) decided to eat our faces the kids ran off their sugar. 


Emma is really big into puzzles right now, and getting quite good! So a recurring theme in her gifts this year was puzzles. I'm not complaining though.. puzzles don't need batteries, they don't make noise, they don't stain the walls, they can't put a dent in my wall, they lay flat, the are stackable, they're educational!.. really I should do a whole blog post on why puzzles are the best gift ever.

The funny part came when she opened up her present from her Nanae (pronouned 'Neigh' - 'Neigh') and Papou. Last year they got her a soccer net for Christmas that ended up destroyed in a storm so I thought replacing the net would be a great idea... well, since Christmas we have signed Emma up for soccer (after she begged to play) and quickly realized it was just too early. The last practice we took her too she ended up crying as soon as we pulled in screaming that she didn't want to play soccer. So... then she opens up her present from Nanae + Papou and starts yelling for Jon (my brother who played soccer on a scholarship for Bowling Green State University in Ohio)

"Jon, Jon! This ones for you!" 

oh. my. goodness. I about peed my pants I laughed so hard! It was hysterical and I felt awful I suggested a bust of a gift for my mom. (Update... she plays with the soccer net every day so I guess it wasn't too bad of a bust. You're welcome, mom.)

Jake and I were able to get her her very first bike with training wheels (and pink and purple butterflies of course!) along with a matching pink helmet from Nana and Papa. She received more puzzles, stickers, coloring toys, a matching dress with 'best friend cousin' Makiah, dress up cloths, a new mic (there will be payback Jon + Cait) and last but certainly not least... gum. About 5 new packs of chewing gum that will last for about a week but keep this girl talking about her best day yet for weeks to come. 

Ultimately - it was my favorite birthday of hers yet. Seeing her face light up with each gift and genuinely excited about every single thing she got, even gum. This girls excitement about everything and her joy in life make being a mom to her really easy. I love every ounce of her skinny little crazy being and I can't wait to see what 4 brings!


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