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Make your own faux wallpaper

Our son has a slight obsession with dinosaurs... and when I say slight obsession I mean I think the kid dreams about being in a kids version of Jurassic Park. He will be 4 this year and I have struggled the past 4 years with trying to find a theme for his room... I know, it’s crazy considering my job literally surrounds home decor but it was important to me to give him and all of our kids a space that feels like their own and isn’t just what I want. 

So, we have landed on dinosaurs and I’m deciding to roll with it. 


My husband, Jake built our son a custom pallet bed a few months ago (which he also loves) but there has been this blank wall behind his bed that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with since the bed was built. 


Wallpaper is coming back in but when searching for any kind of dinosaur wallpaper I ran into a few frustrations. 


1. There are like zero non-tacky dinosaur wallpapers out there. 

2. I would have to sell a kidney to pay for some of this stuff! 



So, being the savvy spender that I am (aka cheap) I decided you know what, I can make my own faux wallpaper! And the best part? It cost me $5.34. In addition, no organs were lost in the process. 

You ready for this? Here is what you will need...


And if you’re anything like me and hoard random craft materials you probably have all of these items laying around the house. 



Pick your shape.

You don’t have to do just a dinosaur but since this is our sons current obsession I took to good old Google, and typed in ‘dinosaur silhouettes’ 

Click the ‘images’ tab at the top and browse until you find a silhouette that you love. 

Use the printer paper to print it out. 



Use the scissors to cut out the silhouette


Use the tape, place it on the back of the silhouette you just cut out. Then tape it on to the wall in the first spot you would like your silhouette to appear. 


Trace the silhouette with the sharpie.


Remove, re-tape and repeat the process until your wall is covered.


You may need more than one sharpie, especially if it is a larger wall. The entire process from beginning to end took about 2 hours.

As far as spacing I just kind of eye balled it to figure out where I wanted them but you are more than welcome to measure and mark the wall before starting your tracing if you want to make sure they’re even. 

Happy Faux Walling!!! 

- Kris 

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