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A letter from Nikki

Four months ago, when I came up to Honeysuckle to discuss what it would look like for me to help with shipping, I never would have imagined that that conversation would have lead into what role I now play in this business.

That’s the thing.  God’s timing may not always seem perfect to us.   It may come out of left field.  It may even present its self during a conversation over a big bowl from Chipotle.

For the past 8 years I have been a stay-at-home mom to our two boys, the one woman show who runs the office part of our family business, the babysitter to friends and family, an MLM business owner who paid for several Christmases with my hustle and even recently a Grubhub delivery driver. (HELLO restaurant food to your door)

All of those extra incomes were great for each season of life that we were going through. However, they did not bring me JOY. I always knew besides my kids and our family business that I wanted to do something more. But I sat on my hands and let my own insecurities get the best of me. I was becoming great at ignoring God’s nudges.

As I was sitting there eating my Chipotle that day, Kristi described her dreams and visions for Honeysuckle.  The ME TOOs And THAT’S WHAT I LOVE TOO was surprising at first.  Looking back at that day, it was the perfect timing.  I left Honeysuckle with butterflies and tears and all the emotions.

God knew what I needed at that point. He knew that Jeremy could only tell me I am capable of something so many times, and that I needed to figure it out for myself.  He knew that Kristi and Jake needed help.  He knew that those darn little red trucks would be popular for Christmas.  Joining a business during a holiday rush was stressful, yet so rewarding! The timing of it all was perfect, because it was His timing.

Friends, If you feel like God is nudging you today to do something, He probably is. I may have had many missed opportunities because I was being stubborn. But I am quite content that this was the path He was waiting for me to stumble upon. 

I am excited to see where this journey takes my family and what His plans are for this crazy dream we call Honeysuckle Shop.

...And thank goodness I get to be on this ride with Kristi.  The girl who loves tacos, Jesus and dance parties almost as much as I do. 🌮 ❤️ 

Make the rest of February count towards what brings you JOY!



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  • Well said girl! So proud of you and best of luck in this new chapter of your life. Kristi is sooo lucky to have you by her side. I love you girl!

    Katie McMillion

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