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Update your cabinet handles for under $10!


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When we first saw our house we fell in love with it immediately! As we moved in and got settled we started noticing things here and there that were slightly outdated... one being these white and brass cabinet handles with a blue floral accent...

..Did I mention they were all matching in the bathrooms also? 

So, I got to shopping around for cabinet handles.. and oh my lanta!! You talk about changing out handles for a kitchen and two bathrooms.. that adds up!! 

So, I started looking for some more cost friendly alternatives and happened across this Rustoleum Hammered spray. 


It cost me $5.67 from Amazon!! Since it didn’t break the bank I thought I’d give it a try... 

First, I took all the knobs off the cabinets and took them outside to an area I didn’t mind getting spray paint on. I used a cardboard box unfolded to lay them all out on and if some spray got in the grass I didn’t mind. 

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It’s imporant to leave a little bit of space between each handle so you’re able to cover the entire knob with Rustoleum Hammered Spray paint! 

Next step, think skunk and just spray away! 

You want to make sure you are about 6” away from the handles so you’re getting good, even coverage without having so much spraypaint that its running. 

TIP: Make sure you get all angles that you’re able to see on one side. 

Once you’re done with the first side they should look like this. They will have a bit of a texture to them which is supposed to happen, but you shouldn’t see paint running down in lines. (If you do have lines of paint running, rinse them off before the paint dries, dry the water off and start again) 

You’re going to want to let them dry (about 30 minutes) on the first side until they aren’t sticky anymore... I made the mistake of turning them too soon and had some issues with the finish as a result so MAKE SURE THEY’RE COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE FLIPPING THEM OVER! 

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Once dry, flip them over and spray the other side... let dry for another half hour

Once you have let them dry completely reinstall on the cabinets and you have just updated your kitchen for $5!!!!  


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