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The Honeysuckle Story

Welcome to Honeysuckle Shop! The Honeysuckle Story really has two chapters. The first of which starts with myself, Kristi and my husband Jake. In the spring of 2015 Jake surprised me with bookshelves made from pallets for our oldest daughters bedroom. Me, being the Entrepeneur that I am, decided to post them to our local Facebook yard sale sites and within 24 hours we had over 300 bookshelf orders!! We were pregnant with our son, Noah at the time and spent that summer in our little shed of a shop til 1am every night with none of the tools required to fulfill that many orders. With a hacksaw, chisel, and a hammer we filled every last order! By the following winter we had people asking us about other projects outside of bookshelves and that is when my love of free hand painting began! Fast forward to now and I am a full time work at home mom with our three kids, Emerson, Noah and Eden. My passion has always been people and being able to work a job that gives life to people through the work we do is something I will forever be thankful for. 
Chapter two of the Honeysuckle Story starts in the fall of 2018. The business had been growing and we were in need of help. Unbeknownst to us Jeremy and Nikki, a local couple (and customers of Honeysuckle) had been looking for purpose and the next step in their journey. Jeremy + Nikki own Stauffer’s Spouting in Millersville, PA where Nikki had spent most of her time outside of raising their two boys, Bennett and Kayden, helping Jeremy with paper work and whatever else needed done for the business she was ready for the next step. After a series of what we can only describe as divine intervention moments our families formed a bond and as a result the second chapter was born for Honeysuckle full of purpose, passion and intention with the way we live, the way we run our business and the way we build every single piece that comes through our shop. 
Our goal through Honeysuckle Shop is to help you create a home that inspires you, brings you joy, and encourages you to dig into the purpose that God has laid out for you. Every single piece that comes through our shop starts out as a simple piece of scrap wood. We take that wood and through a series of processes we turn that once scrap piece of wood into something beautiful. Our prayer is that the same process and the same care that we take with every piece in our shop can be translated into the way you live your life through the reminder our signs bring.