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Bathroom Rules
Bathroom Rules
Bathroom Rules

Bathroom Rules

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Bathroom Rules:

1. Seat yourself

2. Remain seated during the performance 

3. No selfies (seriously) 

4. Wipe, wipe and wipe again

5. It won’t flush itself

6. Wash your freakin hands 

MEASURES 14”x11” 

  • Each of our signs is made from 100% recycled materials + hand painted

  • Our Signs are made with reclaimed wood so may have natural characteristics such as notches, holes or rough edges.

  • Each sign comes with a sawtooth hook for hanging

  • All orders will ship within 2-3 weeks of their purchase date

  • If you have any custom requests for this sign please email

  • The sign you receive may vary from what is pictured due to the natural character of the reclaimed wood